The Sabotage that Comes with Change

Have you ever pursued your dreams only to encounter one roadblock after another? Sometimes, a closed door leads to new opportunities, but there’s another possibility to consider: self-sabotage. Self-sabotage happens when outdated conditioning attempts to keep you safe and tied to the familiar past. Your soul may be ready to thrive and achieve your dreams, […]

A Guided Breathing Practice to Clear Negative Energy

Explore the power of your breath to clear energy. The breath is a powerful tool for energy healing, especially when combined with intention. Consciously guiding your breath into the body helps detox stuck emotions, increase vitality, and access your intuition. This accessible 19-minute guided meditation can be repeated daily to help clear energy, embody your

A Throat Chakra Chant Practice

Are you feeling stuck with your words, unable to effectively communicate and express your needs? The throat chakra represents the energy of expression and, deeply, intuitively listening. Finding balance in this chakra can help support you to find expression of the deeper truth that lies within. Chanting is an effective energetic tool to help realign

A Guided Meditation for Depression

If you struggle with depression, this guided meditation will help you clear energy, call your power back, and replenish your natural energy reserves. Embark on a transformative journey towards healing and inner peace with this guided healing designed to alleviate the weight of depression. Through breath, energy clearing, visualizations, and Divine healing, you will release

A Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Discover a sanctuary within yourself through this gentle guided meditation crafted to alleviate anxiety and promote healing. As you close your eyes and breathe deeply, this guided healing will support you in releasing energy that is not yours and come back to your true being. You’ll let go of subconscious energy and blocks that stimulate

Guided Meditation for Travel

Embark on a deep inner journey designed to relax your body and ease the stresses of travel. Whether you are on a plane, a passenger in a car, boat, or train, this guided meditation will help clear the fear, release tension, and cultivate a sense of peace. Navigate the currents of your breath as your

A Simple Grounding Practice

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, emotional, scattered, or disconnected? Grounding is an effective, energetic tool to reconnect to yourself. Being in nature connects your body to the earth, and so can meditations that help you connect to the vital life force energy of the earth. Grounding helps with feeling centered, peaceful, settled, calm, and

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