Clearing Shame and Blocks to Being Worthy and Thriving

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Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Being worthy is more than an affirmation. It’s a belief that forms inherently when there has been love instilled in the core of your being, just as you are. It’s your knowing, your sovereign right to love, and to exist as an embodiment of love. While you may have disconnected from your knowing at times, you came into the world with it. So somewhere along the way there was a cloaking of your Divine nature so you can exist in the reflection of what everyone else needed you to be. It’s a lot to unlearn. Confidence comes from knowing your sovereign nature and to feel it’s worth. This healing will support you in clearing energy so you can return to your Divine nature, the core of self-love, confidence, and worth.

The 3 Guided healings include:

1) Evolving Past Limitations: Healing Unworthiness and Blocks to Thriving (January 2020)

2) Clear Embedded Shame: A Healing to Release the Belief of “Not Being Enough” (October 2020)

3) You Are Worthy: A Healing to Cultivate Self-Love At Your Core As the Foundation for Confidence (March 2021)

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