Healing Collective and Personal Trauma from Within

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Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Collective Healing often stirs personal healing. As sensitive, empathic, and intuitive beings, it’s important to do the work and not be swallowed by it or lose your ground. Included in this trilogy of healings are three very important Divine Guidance Healings. They are a deep dive into this transformational healing journey to clear embedded energy that no longer serves you. In this bundle, you will receive these 3 Divine Guidance Healings:

1) Empowering the Empath: A Healing to Release Collective Trauma Held in Your Body (September 2020)

2) Diversity, Inclusion, and Healing What Separates Us (February 2021)

3) Unraveling the Conditioning of the Inner Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine Energy (October 2022)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.

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