Healing Intergenerational Fear and Finding Safety

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Receive three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa!

Existence issues include beliefs of, “I don’t belong here,” “I don’t fit in,” “I reject my body,” and a loss of self in a way that makes you vulnerable to being taken advantage of or giving your power away to people you may view as having more power. Sometimes, just “Being” can feel hard. That may feel true when we’ve become unplugged from the truth of our purpose on this earth.

The fear of belonging is a wound to heal because belonging in your body lifts a blindfold to your empowered presence. This can feel true for the healers in the world, the mystics and the caregivers, or anyone who relates to being sensitive, empathic, intuitive, and a carrier of wisdom. This trilogy of healing supports you in detoxing energy that is no longer yours to carry, and grounding more powerfully in knowing your gift and why you are here. These Divine Guidance Healings are medicine to your soul to relax, receive, and release for all the ways that you give in the world.

In this bundle, you will receive these 3 Divine Guidance Healings:

1) Letting Go: Healing the Intergenerational Imprint of Survival Fear (May 2020)

2) Healing Existence Fear: Release the Fear of Belonging to Restore the Power of Your Presence (June 2021)

3) Wisdom Keepers, Intuitives, Mystics, Sensitives, and Empaths: A Healing to Cleanse and Root You in the Power of Why You Are Here (May 2021)

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