Slowing Down Your Body Tempo by Honoring the Earth

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Receive Two 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Reconnecting to the earth’s circadian rhythm and natural healing properties can require clearing the energy that blocks this natural earth flow in your body. While reconnecting with the earth includes time in nature, it also includes deep clearing in your lower body that keeps you from connecting to the earth. Sometimes, what can keep our energy living higher in the body is the grief held in the lower body from being separated from our true divine nature. This set of healings takes you on an inner journey of connecting to the earth, listening to the earth, and reconnecting to this powerful earth connection that is vital for health, stability, peace, and grounding.

In this bundle, you will receive these 2 Divine Guidance Healings:

1) Honoring the Earth and Recalibrating to Her Rhythm for Deep Grounding and Healing (November 2021)

2) A Bow to the Earth: Grief, Gratitude, Honor, and a Conscious Path Forward (November 2022)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.

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