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Dear (Name), 

You’ve been called to help others heal. Your soul incarnated for this moment…

You’ve felt it for a while now — your personal healing journey is interwoven with your Higher Mission.

And your intuitive gifts — a natural part of who you’ve always been — can become your greatest contribution to personal and collective healing.

If you’re feeling called to develop and deepen into the full range of your intuitive healing gifts… your Divine guidance… and direct communication with your soul…

There is a spot for you in the Intuitive Healer Training Program.

If you’re feeling called to amplify your innate intuitive gifts and activate your divine calling as a healer…

You’ll begin the two-year process with the Energy Healing and Intuition Training -Self-Healing Certification.  This first year gives you the foundation of Wendy’s curriculum and apply it to your own self-healing before working with others.

 Then, to become certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer, you’ll move on to the second-year program, the  Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification

You’ll create your toolkit of powerful healing techniques to help you heal yourself and others.

Here’s an overview of the yearlong training:

Here’s what you’ll discover in the first year of the program:

*  Energy healing basics — how energy works and why it can be the most powerful tool for transformation

* The importance of your Central Channel of Light and Grounding Cord

*  The seven main chakras and the patterns of blocked energy they tend to hold, from early childhood to the adult years.

*  How to begin processing your emotions as energy

*  The relationship between the lower, upper, front, and back energy body

The nature of wounds and trauma in the lower and upper body

How to process emotions as energy.

*  Introduction to the Four Aspects of Intuition, which you’ll dive into in Level 2…

*  Learn about the four aspects of intuition and how your body intuits energy

*  Further, develop your intuitive awareness

*  Deepen your consciousness into your central channel to allow more connection to the Divine

Discover how to heal through cords and soul contracts

*  Learn about the power of soul healing

Explore how to facilitate chakra clearing

*  Continue to receive guided healings to empower you as a healer

*  Make space for Grace to flow and your soul to inhabit your body and life

*  Prepare for new teachings, practices, and energetic shifts, which you’ll experience in Level Three…

*  Connect with your soul and Divine guidance

*  Begin to communicate with your spirit guides, including angels

*  Explore the most effective ways to clear entities

*  Discover how to provide karmic and past-life healing

*  Learn powerful new truths about mysticism

*  Healing with spirit guides and angels


You can check out the ENTIRE curriculum for the FULL program here! (hyperlink to your unique URL)

Plus, you’ll have some incredible bonuses, including the School of Intuitive Studies Membership (A $2997.00 value)

Receive a special membership in Wendy’s School of Intuitive Studies during your training. In each session, you’ll work more deeply on your healing, growth, and intuition. Expand who you’re here to be within this intimate monthly live gathering.

You’ll receive a complimentary membership throughout the duration of your training.

Plus, Your Intuitive Healer Application Bonuses!

  • Save $100 — No application fee before Friday, March 11 at Midnight EST!
  • The 3 Keys to Embodying Your Intuitive Gifts, an exclusive BONUS video teaching + guided healing with Wendy De Rosa

We hope you’ll join us on this journey! Apply Here (use affiliate link)

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