Lecture: Trauma in Energy Healing

Lecture: Trauma in Energy Healing

Please note:  This is not a training to learn how to work with clients who have trauma; rather, this information is to help you be informed when working with clients who may have physical and emotional issues of embedded imprints that could be rooted in unprocessed trauma. This is meant to help you with knowledge to help their healing. Also, this lecture discusses archetypes, which we will address more in Module 12. For the purpose of this topic, it is meant to help explain the process of trauma and spiritual DNA healing.

Lecture: Trauma in Energy Healing For the Healer

This video discusses the impact of trauma in the lower 3 chakras, as well as the importance of approaching energy healing from a gentle, grounded experience. I hope this supports you.

2nd Chakra Healing

Please note: I wanted to provide you with the suggestions and integration after the healing, although this refers to break times. I believe it is beneficial for you all to consider this as well.

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