Welcome to The Grounded Self

Hello!  Welcome to The Grounded Self: Energy Tools for Stability, Inner Peace, and Well-being In an Ungrounded World. I am thrilled you are taking this step to explore what’s possible through grounding and clearing out the energy that keeps you from being more deeply connected to your center.  Please enjoy this welcome email from Wendy below:


The Grounded Self is the first level to a multi-level program called the Energy Healing and Intuition Training. If you are getting started on this year-long journey, grounding sets the foundation for all aspects of energy healing and developing your intuition.

In Level 1, you will learn about the concept of “grounding” and how to deepen your sense of being in your body through energy healing. In this level, we will recognize what being ungrounded looks like in the energy body, physical body, and in your life. You will learn how being chronically ungrounded isn’t your fault but rather how the energetic patterns in the body are a response to your reality and are conditioned to impact flow in the body.  Yet, through energy healing, you can reconnect to your body in a way that increases optimal health, centering, clarity, relaxation, intuition, confidence, feeling secure, and so much more. This course is filled with insightful and practical teachings and guided energy healings to help clear energy, center

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