What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing addresses the energy held in the body, mind, soul, and universe that may contribute to a physical, emotional, mental, or energetic symptom.  Energy healing is the process of shifting from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness.  For example, from tired to energized or sad to uplifted. 

The cellular structure in the human body is made of energy. That energy is influenced by the energetic experience in the environment or in other areas of the body. It’s also influenced by the anatomy of the soul, which includes chakras, meridians, and the aura around the body.

Intuitive Energy healing is the process of identifying the root imprints or blocked energy in the energetic anatomy that may be contributing to a symptom and transforming the energy through various techniques.  Techniques can include deep breathing, guided meditation,  reiki, and/or tuning into the body and increasing awareness around a sensation or pain in the body.

An intuitive energy healer utilizes their gift of intuition and higher consciousness to tune into a client’s energetic system to help identify root causes, energetic imprints, blocks, or awareness that may need attention or to be cleared. The healer will then guide the individual through clearing the energy held in the body. Click to read more here.

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